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​​​​About the Ministry

The main functions of the Ministry are the formulation of policies and strategies in the energy, water and wastewater sectors, radiation safety and nuclear security and the establishment of a responsive legal framework to govern the development of these sectors​.



Ensure energy and water security, safe disposal of wastewater and peaceful use of nuclear technology and ionizing sources.




To fulfill our commitment to the nation, by ensuring:-


(i) the availability of reliable electricity, water and wastewater disposal services;


(ii) the development of renewable sources of energy;


(iii) the promotion of peaceful use of nuclear technology and a safe utilization of ionizing sources in line with international radiation safety practices; and


(iv) the development of programmes for the promotion of energy efficiency.


Our Core Values


      Integrity: We are guided by the highest standards of professional ethics.


      Innovation: We always look forward to innovate.


      Quality: We are result-oriented and are committed to provide quality services.


      Teamwork: We foster teamwork, communication and information sharing.


      Timeliness: We strive to meet targets in a timely manner.




To ensure that polices and strategies are defined and implemented for energy security and the development of renewable energy;  

To encourage energy efficiency in all sectors and households; 

To mobilize water resources to meet the needs of the population​ and  of all sectors of the economy;

To ensure access to water of good quality;

To replace as far as possible on-site wastewater disposal systems by public sewer network facilities; and

To ensure peaceful and safety application of ionizing radiation in the country.



Energy Efficiency Management Office (EEMO) – Promotion of Energy Efficiency

Radiation Safety and Nuclear Security Authority (RSNSA) – Regulation of Ionizing Radiation and Nuclear Security

Water Resources Unit (WRU) – Mobilization and Development of Water Resources

Para-Statal Bodies


Central Electricity Board (CEB) – Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Sale of Electricity.

Central Water Authority (CWA) – Treatment and Distribution of Potable Water.

Wastewater Management Authority (WMA) – Collection, Treatment and Disposal of Wastewater.

Mauritius Renewable Energy Agency (MARENA) – Promote Renewable Energy Projects.


CEB (Green Energy) Co Ltd

CEB (Facilities) Co Ltd

CEB (Fibernet) Co Ltd​

​Regulatory Body

      Utility Regulatory Authority (URA) – Regulation of Electricity Sector.​