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Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities

Water Resources Unit

Water Resources Unit
Royal Commercial Complex 
St Ignace Street, Rose-Hill 
Tel No.: +230 403 5400 
Fax.:  +230 465 7177 
The Water Resources Unit, established in May 1993, is responsible for the assessment, development, management and conservation of water resources in the Republic of Mauritius.

(a) To study and formulate policy in relation to: the control and use of water resources for the provision of Water for domestic, agricultural, industrial and commercial supply and for hydro-electric power and for irrigation, land drainage and land reclamation, flood control, the development of fisheries, the protection of wild life, afforestation and the control of soil erosion;
(b) To investigate water resources and to collect, correlate and interpret any data with regard to those resources.
(c) To prepare an inventory of water resources and to keep the inventory continuously up to date.
(d) To update, on a regular basis, the Master Plan on the use of water resources.
(e) To ensure that appropriate measures are taken for the prevention of pollution of water resources.
(f) To prepare and follow up plans for the conservation, utilisation, control and development of water resources.
(g) To prepare schemes for the development of river basins and trans-river basins.
(h) To co-ordinate and scrutinise the projects undertaken by any person relating to the conservation, utilisation and development of water resources and to assess the technical possibilities, benefits and socio-economic feasibility of the project.
(i) To conduct and co-ordinate research and investigation on the economic use of water.
(j) To promote, design and construct, in consultation with appropriate authorities, schemes and works for the purpose of conservation and development of water resources and for the purposes specified in paragraph (a); and to arrange for the operation and maintenance of such schemes and works by appropriate use of organisations.
(k) To inspect any work carried out in relation to water development or utilisation purposes.
(l) To ensure that water supply conforms with such standards as are laid by law.
(m) To grant rights for the use of water and to issue permits, licences and concessions and for this purpose,
to establish procedures for the re-assessment, variation and re-allocation of existing water rights and for the grant of new water rights.
To establish procedures for the issues of permits, licences and concessions.
(n) To supervise the enforcement of any water legislation.
(o) To advise the Minister on any matter affecting water resources.