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Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities

Ministry of Mauritius Homepage

About the Ministry


The main responsibilities of the Ministry comprise the formulation of policies and strategies in the water, wastewater, energy sectors , the enhancement of radiation safety and the oversight, as appropriate, of the legal framework thereof.

The following organisations fall under the purview of the Ministry:
  •  Central Water Authority (CWA) – Treatment and Distribution of potable water
  •  Central Electricity Board (CEB) -
  •   Wastewater Management Authority (WMA) – Collection, Treatment, Disposal  of  wastewater
  • Energy Efficiency Management Office (EEMO)
  • Radiation Protection Authority (RPA)
  • Water Resources Unit (WRU) – Mobilization and Development of water resources
  • Mauritius Renewable Energy Agency (MARENA - Operational as from 2016)


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