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Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities

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Documents and Forms

Indicative Procurement Plan :







About the Ministry


The main responsibilities of the Ministry comprise the formulation of policies and strategies in the water, wastewater, energy sectors , the enhancement of radiation safety and the oversight, as appropriate, of the legal framework thereof.

The following organisations fall under the purview of the Ministry:
  •  Central Water Authority (CWA) – Treatment and Distribution of potable water
  •  Central Electricity Board (CEB) -
  •   Wastewater Management Authority (WMA) – Collection, Treatment, Disposal  of  wastewater
  • Energy Efficiency Management Office (EEMO)
  • Radiation Protection Authority (RPA)
  • Water Resources Unit (WRU) – Mobilization and Development of water resources
  • Mauritius Renewable Energy Agency (MARENA - Operational as from 2016)


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