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Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities
Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities>Hydrology Data Book 2006 - 2010

Hydrology Data Book 2006 - 2010

       Table of Contents
Staff of Hydrology Section

Glossary, Conversion Table and Abbreviations

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Rainfall Data 
     Rainfall Data
Chapter 3: River/Canal Flow Data
     Drainage Areas and Gauging Stations
Catchment Schematic Diagrams and Flow Data
River du Rempart at La Nicoliere (A03)
River Francoise at Constance (B01)
River Seche at Bel Air (D01)
River Rempart at Bois Clair (E01)
River Bateau at Belle Rive (E04)
River Vacoas at Belle Rive (E05)
River Gontron at Dubreuil (E06)
G.R.S.E at La Pipe (E07)
Total Flow in G.R.S.E at La Pipe (E07 + E008a)
Deep River at Pont Lardier (E11)
River Francoise at Montagne Maurice (E12)
G.R.S.E at Beau Champ (E13)
La Nicoliere Feeder Canal at La Pipe (E008a)
La Nicoliere Feeder Canal at Bois Clair (E008b)
La Nicoliere Feeder Canal at La Nicoliere Reservoir (E008c)
Beau Champ Canal at Beau Champ (E013)
River Vacoas Diversion Canal at Bois Clair (E014)
River Chevrettes Diversion Canal at Bois Clair (E015a)
River Francoise Diversion Canal at Melrose (E020)
River des Creoles at Riche en Eau (G09)
River La Chaux at Beau Vallon (H02)
River Citron at Nouvelle France (J01)
River du Poste at La Flora (J04)
Tatamaka Feeder at Arnaud (J001)
River Dragon at Batymarais (L01)
River des Anguilles at Riviere des Anguilles (M01)
River Patates at Mont Blanc (N03)
River des Galets at Chamouny (P01)
River Baie du Cap at Chamarel (Q01)
Black River at Black River Gorges (R01)
Mare Longue Reservoir Outlet at Mare Longue Reservoir (S07)
La Marie Conduit at Mare aux Vacoas (T02)
La Ferme Reservoir Outlet at La Ferme Reservoir (U04)
Pierrefonds Tunnel at Pierrefonds (U05)
River Plaines Wilhems at Trianon Bridge (W03)
River Terre Rouge at Trianon (W04)
River Cascade at Trianon (W05)
River Profonde at Petit Verger (W08)
Terre Rouge Canal at Trianon (W013)
La Ferme Feeder at La Chaumiere (W018b)
Plaines Wilhems Canal at Ebene (W019)
River Labourdonnais at Calebasses Rd (Y01)
River Calebasses at Calebasses Rd (Y02)
River Citronnier at Poudre D'or (ZA01)
Chapter 4: Data on Groundwater
Brief Description
Well Characteristics
Small Well Characteristics
Chapter 5: Data on Storage Reservoirs
Brief Description
Salient Features of Main Reservoirs along with main feeders and Reservoir storage variation
Mare aux Vacoas Reservoir
​La Nicoliere Reservoir
Piton du Milieu Reservoir
La Ferme Reservoir
​Mare Longue Reservoir
Midlands Reservoir
Chapter 6: Data on Water Quality
Chapter 7: Hydrology of Rodrigues and Agalega
Brief Description
Drainage Areas of Rodrigues
Geological map of Rodrigues
​Rodrigues Well Characteristics
Brief description of Agalega