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Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities
Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities>Hydrology Data Book 1999 - 2005

Hydrology Data Book 1999 - 2005

(Nov 1999 - Oct 2005)
Staff of Hydrology Section
     Schematic Structural Evolution of Mauritius
     The Stratigraphic Series
     Geological Map of Mauritius
     Aquifers of Mauritius
     Craters of Mauritius
Chapter 2: Rainfall Data
     Rainfall Data
Chapter 3: River/Canal Flow Data
     Catchment Schematic Diagrams and Flow Data
        River Seche at Bel Air (D01) 
     Brief Description
     Groundwater Exploration
     Groundwater Exploitation
     Fresh Water - Sea Water Interface
     Data Loggers
     Piezometric Level Variation
     Groundwater Level Contour Map
     Well Characteristics
     Small Well Characteristics
     Brief Description
     Salient Features of Main Reservoirs along with main feeders
     Reservoir storage variation
Chapter 6: Data on Water Quality
     Location of Sampling Points on Rivers
     Location of Sampling Points at Boreholes
     Variation in Water Quality
     Brief Description of Rodrigues
     Precipitation Record for Rodrigues
     Location of Data Loggers
     Well Characteristics
     Geological Map of Rodrigues
     Drainage Areas for Rodrigues
     Brief Description for Agalega
     Precipitation Record for Agalega