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Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities
Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities>Water Tank Grant Scheme

Water Tank Grant Scheme




Provide grants to low income families for the purchase of a water tank of capacity 400 to 1000 litres.


Criteria for Eligibility


      (i)Gross family income should not exceed Rs 30,000 per month.Family income includes income of head of household and spouse living under the same roof. Old age pension is not included in the computation of gross family income.
      (ii) The applicant should be aged 18 years and above.
      (iii) The applicant should be the owner, landlord or tenant provided that the building where the water tank is installed is a principal place of residence.
      (iv) The house where the water tank will be installed shall not be owned by a government authority/ local authority.
      (v) The applicant should be the purchaser of the tank.
      (vi) Each family will be eligible to only one grant for the purchase of one water tank.
      (vii) The applicant should be a registered customer of the Central Water Authority.
      (viii) Applicants on the Social Register are automatically eligible for the grant and do not have to produce any proof of income.  


 List of Registered Manufacturers

The following manufacturers are registered with the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities for the supply of water tanks under the Scheme:


Tel. No.
Fibre Marine Ltd
Motorway M3, Roche Terre
249 2000
Riche Terre Road, B 33, Riche Terre
249 3300
Resiglas Co.Ltd
Royal Road, Calebasses
243 3406
Nabridas Ltée
La Joliette, Petite Rivière
233 2702
Sun Industries Ltd
39-43 Royal Road, Grand River North West
233 1360
Secureworks Ltd
Micheal Leal Avenue, Pailles
286 8989
Surfrider Co. Ltd (formerly Power Plastic Ltd)



Forbach Road, Cottage
266 8182



1. The applicant must complete, sign and submit an application form which may be collected from any of the Central Water Authority Customer Service Office or Citizens Advice Bureau Office.

2.  Applications should be accompanied with the following documents –

 (i) copy of the  pay slip/s of head of  household and spouse, where applicable
 (ii) copy of national identity card of the applicant
 (iii) marriage certificate where applicable
 (iv) copy of recent CWA bill  as  proof of residence

3. Completed Application Forms with all relevant supporting documents shall be submitted to any Central Water Authority Customer Service Office.. Completed Application Forms with all relevant supporting documents shall be submitted to any Central Water Authority Customer Service Office.


 4.  The applications and documents will be verified by the Central Water Authority and submitted to the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities for approval.


 5. All applications are examined and approved by a Committee comprising representatives of the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities, the National Empowerment Foundation, the Ministry of Social Security and the CWA.


6. Applicants will be informed in writing of the approval of their application and will be given a period of three months to purchase the water tank.


 7. Applicants who lose their letter of approval do not need to report the matter to the Police but will be required to sign a statement at the Central Water Authority.


 8. Applicants who do not receive a reply within two months as from date of application should report the matter to any of the Central Water Authority Customer Service Office.

The address and telephone numbers of the Central Water Authority Customer Service Offices are follows:
1. Port Louis sub-office 1st Floor Mutual Aid Building, Victoria Square, Port Louis 212 5065
2. Pamplemousses sub-office Powder Mill Road, Pamplemousses 243 3685
3. Flacq sub-office Francois Mitterand Street, Centre de Flacq 413 2493
4. Rose Belle sub-office Royal Road, Rose Belle 627 5762
5. Souillac sub-office Autard street, Souillac 625 5685
6. Mahebourg sub-office SPDC Building, Hollandais street, Mahebourg 631 9734
7. Rose Hill sub-office Edward VII street, Rose Hill 454 6779
8. CWA Headquarters Royal Road, St Paul 601 5000

Communiqué de presse
Subside Pou Tank Dilo  
Dans dernier discours budget, gouvernement in augmente plafond salaire familiale pou beneficier subside pou aster tank dilo de Rs 25,000 a Rs 30,000.
Le Ministere de l’enerzi et service piblik pe informe publik qui a partir 1er juillet 2018, bannes familles qui zot revenu mensuel pas dépasse Rs 30,000 par mois capave faire application pour ene subside pou aster tank dilo. Forme application disponible dans tous banne Customer Service Centres Central Water Authority et dans CAB Office.
Ene famille gagne droit faire ene seul application pour subside. Banne fournisseurs/revendeurs tank dilo pas gagne droit ni distribuer forme application, ni demane banne dimoune largent pou reserve zot tank dilo.   
Pour plisse renseignements ou capave consulter the site web de la CWA lor ‘’ ou visite ene bureau CWA/CAB Office qui plis pres avec ou la case.
Juin 2018                        
Ministère de l'énergie et des services publics