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Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities

Departments / Parastatal Bodies


Departments / Parastatals Bodies
Energy Efficiency Management Office
The Energy Efficiency Management Office (EEMO) has been set up under Section 4 of the Energy Efficiency Act 2011 with the objectives of, among others, of promoting awareness for the efficient use of energy as a means to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment
Wastewater Management Authority
The WMA, established in 2000, under the Wastewater Management Authority Act 2000 operates under the aegis of the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities. The core service of the WMA is the collection and treatment of domestic, commercial and industrial wastewaters for disposal to an environmentally acceptable quality, ensuring the country’s sustainable development through the provision of appropriate water pollution standards, wastewater control systems and management services to the entire population of Mauritius.
Being responsible for the wastewater sector in Mauritius, WMA manages the public wastewater system, which consists of 591 km of sewer network, 72 pumping stations and 10 treatment plants, including 4 main treatment plants which are located at St Martin, Grand-Baie, Baie-du-Tombeau, and Montagne Jacquot.
In order to sustain its rapid economic growth and preserve the country’s fragile environment, Mauritius has to address environmental issues related to demographic growth and rapid changes in the use of water and land resources.  In 2012, Government approved new Master Plan 2014-2033.  The objective of the plan is to elaborate a programme for the development and management of waste water in Mauritius for a period of 20 years 2014-2033.
Radiation Protection Authority
The RPA is the national regulatory body established under the Radiation Protection Act of 2003. Its main objective is to regulate and control all practices involving the use of ionising radiation
Utility Regulatory Authority
The Utility Regulatory Authority (URA) has been set up in 2016 in accordance with the Utility Regulatory Authority Act 2004 to regulate utility services, namely electricity, water and wastewater.
Central Electricity Board
The Central Electricity Board (CEB) is a parastatal body wholly owned by the Government of Mauritius and reporting to the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities. It is empowered by the Central Electricity Board Act 1963 and the CEB's business is to "prepare and carry out development schemes with the general object of promoting, coordinating and improving the generation, transmission, distribution and sale of electricity" in Mauritius.    
Mauritius Renewable Energy Agency
The Mauritius Renewable Energy Agency (MARENA) was enacted by the MARENA Act of 2015. It was created to oversee the development of renewable energy in Mauritius. It is responsible to promote renewable energy and create an environment conducive to the development of renewable energy.